Michael S. McGuire, D.Sc.

Transforming Leaders

Here is what folks are saying...


Iain Melville

Technical & Commercial Manager at Borica USA Corp. 

Michael is an exceptional communicator. I have attended two of his presentations,. The first was on presentation skills and I was very impressed. The second was on managing change and I only attended because I enjoyed his first presentation so much. Once again I learned a lot about the process of change. What I like about Michael's style is how he makes you feel involved and more confident. On the two occassions I have seen him I left with the motivation to try a new approach. More importantly I tried the new approaches and got positive results.


Michael Stajduhar

Vice President of Sales & Service at TriNova, Inc.

Michael McGuire is highly motivated to motivate! He inspires to inspire! At the very moment you first meet Michael - you just know, just feel, that your people will be moved to action by him. I have personnally witnessed on many occassions at seminars led by him, that people leave the room better in some way than when they first entered. If you have a critical message that you want delivered to your team - don't do it yourself - leave it to a professional, Michael McGuire. Michael is an A++ professional and person through and through!


Edward MacDougall

Manager, Training and User Experience at American Express

I had the pleasure of working with Michael during a departmental re-organization. Michael provided counsel and mentorship as I was learning the industry. He demonstrated a keen interest in my development and was happy to take time away from his commitments to help with my success. Michael has been a good friend and is someone who I can confidently say would be a great asset to any organization.


Sandro Campagna

Sales Engineer II at Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Michael at MSA for nearly 4 years. During that time, I interacted with Michael both as a student and as a team member in one of the new product development teams. 

I attended many learning programs that Michael led. His passion for training the human mind always shined through and captivated the people being trained. His audiences often ranged from engineers to scientists to upper management to production personnel. Michael has a way of engaging all people to work, learn and interact with one another in an environment that most OD professionals would have little success working in. His development sessions always had the audience wanting to learn more and apply what they had learned to their roles in the organization. 

I also had the opportunity to consult with Michael a new product development on design project that I led for a high tech law enforcement product. His law enforcement experience coupled with his organizational development talents made Michael a unique and invaluable asset to the project team. He was able to help organize customer session data as well as work with the development team to obtain useful knowledge that ultimately made for a better product for our customers. 

If you are in need for a innovative, motivated and well organized organizational development member of your team that brings positive energy and drive to anyone that he interacts with, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Michael. He will most definitely make for a successful member of your team.


John Quinn

VP Sales and Marketing at Safety Works

Anyone who has every sat through a long, boring, unstimulating day of training (and who hasn't?) will appreciate the difference between a standard trainer and a skilled, professional teacher like Michael McGuire. Mike makes the time in training fly by, engaging you at every turn, revealing intimate sides of his own personality, thus encouraging you to drop your own shields. With most training, I am usually wondering why the same couldn't have been achieved in a concentrated hour--those fortunate enough to have gone through training sessions with Michael are usually wondering when they can sign up for a follow up session due to it being both extremely meaningful (as Michael has a way of making it personal), intellectually stimulating (Michael definitely does his homework!) and fun. And you won't leave a training session without the desire to implement the activity on which you've just been trained, as Michael is a motivator and is strong on follow up!  

In my personal estimation, if you are in need of strong OD planning or implementation, you'd be hard pressed to find a better consultant/employee than Michael McGuire--he's a winner!


Keith LeDonne

Sr. Implementation Manager at TeleTracking Technologies 

I have known Michael for nearly 11 years and I find him to be an extraordinarily bright and energetic person with long-term “star” potential. He has the ability, drive, and perseverance to succeed in any position.  

Michael has excellent people skills and is blessed with the gift of gab and the sheer ability to delegate work and organize people. He distinguishes himself from his peers with his innovative thinking, hard work and reliability.


Eric Buzard

Fire Service Marketing Manager at MSA

Michael's ability to engage an audience and effectively convey his message are his strongest suits. He is also an excellent listener, understanding the point-of-view of the person asking questions or posing challenges they face within their work environment.


Daniel O'Neil

Verification and Validation Engineer at Siemens Rail Automation

Michael did more than training at MSA, he facilitated learning by making the sessions interesting, getting you to participate in your own transformation, and getting you excited to immediately apply the skills you learned. Michael was by far the best Organizational Development Professional I had the pleasure to work with at MSA. Michael's preparation, dedication, and personal thirst for knowledge set the standard for professionals in any field.


Doug Nelson

Director, MBA Program; Director, Wukich Entrepreneur Center; Associate Professor of Business at Seton Hill University

Michael McGuire is a very disciplined, well organized, and high positve energy professional. Michael approaches every task with vigor and the knowledge that his name is attached resulting in a consistent and predicatable high quality product/deliverable. Michael's positve energy and attitude will be infectious to those around him which takes the entire team up a notch. I highly, and without reservation, would recommend Michael for hire.